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In 1953, Van Haidas, and his business partner, Constantine Brocoum, opened a drive-in restaurant at this Dennisport location serving Cape Cod summer fare -- hamburgers, fried seafood, and ice-cream. The two men developed special recipes for the seafood and onion ring batters -- cooked to golden-brown perfection.  Soon thereafter the Mitrokostas Family joined their Uncle Van in the family business, and owned and operated that business for many years after Uncle Van retired. The restaurant acquired regional fame for its fried seafood. The secret to our success was always serving strictly fresh food and using the family recipes. The Mitrokostas Family ran the family buisness for many years. 

In March 2003 a fire completely destroyed the building.  The tenants, who took over when the Mitrokostas Family retired, chose not to return after the fire. The Mitrokostas Family rebuilt the restaurant seeking to recreate much of the exterior architectural style that existed in the old 1950s "drive-in" building.  They returned to operate the new establishment, The Original Seafood Restaurant, in the same location the family has owned for decades.  In 2005 Scott Eurenius and his family took over for the Mitrokostas Family.  Once again they are using original family recipes, unchanged since 1953, and are adhering to the doctrine that has been so successful over the years - freshness first. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you in person and hope you enjoy our delicious food.

-The Eurenius Family

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